Specialist in Opel, Saab en Volvo

We are specialists in used, remanufactured and new parts

As Opel, Saab en Volvo specialist in original used, remanufactured and new parts, we occupy a special position in the market. Our delivery program consists of both used, refurbished and new parts that we naturally supply under warranty.

Last arrived interesting cars for dismantling

Volvo XC40
van 2019
met 14410 kilometer
Volvo XC40 uit 2019
Opel Corsa F 19-
van 2020
met 1725 kilometer
Opel Corsa F 19- uit 2020
Volvo S90 17-
van 2018
met 90001 kilometer
Volvo S90 17- uit 2018
Opel Meriva B 10-
van 2010
met 98690 kilometer
Opel Meriva B 10- uit 2010

Didn't find what you're looking for?

In our warehouse are only the parts that we already have dismantled from the cars. However, there are also a number of cars that we still have to dismantle and the part you are looking for can still be there.

So if you do not find the part in our warehouse, please open the chat link at the bottom of the page, send us an email toinfo@elferink.nl or call us (+31) 0547-381539

The specialist in used, reconditioned and new spare parts

As Volvo, Saab and Opel/Vauxhaul specialist in original used, reconditioned and new spare parts we have a special position in the market. Our assortment consists of used, reconditioned and new spare parts. Of course we grant guarantee.

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Regels in verband met Corona

In verband met de covid19 pandemie hebben wij de volgende regels opgesteld:

  • Draag een Mondkapje in de ontvangstruimte.

  • U bent welkom in de ontvangstruimte en op het terrein.

  • De magazijnen en werkplaats zijn voor klanten gesloten.

  • Kom zoveel mogelijk alleen.

  • Houdt 1,5 meter afstand.

  • Gebruik uw eigen gereedschap als u zelf een onderdeel van een auto op het terrein demonteert.

  • Maximaal 2 personen tegelijkertijd in de ontvangstruimte.


Other News

Plenty of spare parts in stock

We focus on a couple of brands. With regard to these brands, we have plenty of spare parts in stock! Both used, reconditioned and new spare parts. On our website www.elferink.nl you will find an up-to-date survey of all spare parts we have in stock and of all new and reconditioned spare parts from our assortment.

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In many cases repairs can better be carried out with used rather than with new spare parts. An used spare parts will be much cheaper than a new spare part. Besides, we will grant guarantee on used spare parts.

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Our customers

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