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The specialist in used, reconditioned and new spare parts

As Volvo, Saab and Opel/Vauxhaul specialist in original used, reconditioned and new spare parts we have a special position in the market. Our assortment consists of used, reconditioned and new spare parts. Of course we grant guarantee.

Reasons to apply original used spare parts:

- Durable
- Attractive price
- In stock, so no extra delivery time
- 3 months guarantee


Reuse of spare parts is, according to the Lansink’s ladder (standard in the field of waste management) the most environmentally friendly way to give materials a second life. We try to give dissembled spare parts a new life as much as possible. Besides, spare parts which cannot be reused are applied in other ways. In cooperation with our partner Auto Recycling Nederland we are continuously looking for more effective recycling methods.

Plenty of spare parts in stock

We focus on a couple of brands. With regard to these brands, we have plenty of spare parts in stock! Both used, reconditioned and new spare parts. On our website www.elferink.nl you will find an up-to-date survey of all spare parts we have in stock and of all new and reconditioned spare parts from our assortment.


Besides used and new spare parts we deliver reconditioned motors, gearboxes, callipers and cylinder heads as well. As specialist in Volvo, Saab en Opel/Vauxhaul we are extremely familiar with the technique of these cars. Our reconditioned spare parts guarantee many KM of driving pleasure.


In many cases repairs can better be carried out with used rather than with new spare parts. An used spare parts will be much cheaper than a new spare part. Besides, we will grant guarantee on used spare parts.


As specialist we know all Volvo, Saab and Opel/Vauxhaul types thoroughly. As brand specialist we are a full partner for you. If you order spare parts with us, you will definitely get the right ones.

Ordered today, delivery tomorrow

In the Netherlands we deliver our spare parts within 24 hours. It means: ordered today, delivery tomorrow! Delivery to foreign countries will take approximately 2 days. We have a close cooperation with a specialized carrier who delivers our spare parts to the customer.


General information about our company.

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