Specialist in Opel, Saab en Volvo


We are a large party in the area of used, remanufactured and new Opel parts. We have parts in stock for the following types:

Opel AdamOpel Adam 13-Opel AgilaOpel Agila 00-Opel Agila 08-Opel AmperaOpel Ampera 11-Opel AstraOpel Astra F 91-Opel Astra G 98-Opel Astra H 04-Opel Astra J 10-Opel Astra K 15-Opel ComboOpel Combo 02-Opel CorsaOpel Corsa B 93-Opel Corsa C 00-Opel Corsa D 07-Opel Corsa E 15-Opel Corsa F 19-Opel InsigniaOpel Insignia 08-Opel KarlOpel Karl 15-Opel MerivaOpel Meriva 03-Opel Meriva B 10-Opel MokkaOpel MovanoOpel Movano 10-Opel OmegaOpel Omega B 94-Opel SignumOpel Signum 03-Opel TigraOpel Tigra 00-Opel Tigra 05-Opel VectraOpel Vectra B 95-Opel Vectra C 02-Opel VivaroOpel Vivaro 01-Opel ZafiraOpel Zafira A 99-Opel Zafira BOpel Zafira B 05-